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The Hong Kong Cricket Club sets a high bar when it comes to the development of cricket in Hong Kong. An internationally acclaimed Club, the Hong Kong Cricket Club provides a structure under which all players, regardless of age or ability, can thrive.

The ground is set against a backdrop of the picturesque Hong Kong skyline and the immaculate outfield, combined with our square of top class turf pitches, offers quite a remarkable playing experience. In addition, players have the opportunity to benefit from one of Asia’s leading indoor facilities, ensuring each and every player has the opportunity to bring their game to new heights.

A large and well-structured junior programme is pivotal to the success of any club and it is in this area, perhaps more so than in any other, where the Hong Kong Cricket Club really shines. Our “Gappers” junior programme exposes more than four hundred children under the age of 13 to the game each and every week, under the tutelage of dedicated coaches and parent helpers. In addition, the Club fields fifteen junior sides in competitive cricket with both boys and girls participating across five junior age brackets, ensuring that the balance between group development and competitive cricket is well and truly established.

In Men’s Senior Cricket, the Club is represented in the domestic leagues by six individual squads covering both Saturday and Sunday cricket, through an extensive playing season lasting from September to May. From these teams, we select our highest performing individuals to represent the Club in its Premier League XI; a squad that competes in all formats against Hong Kong’s strongest domestic competitors.

The Hong Kong Cricket Club has been the leader in the promotion of Ladies Cricket in Hong Kong and China. We field two Ladies teams who compete in both 35 over and T20 formats on a regular basis throughout the season.

Men’s Senior Squad Training takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:30pm onwards. Ladies squad training takes place every Friday evening from 6:30pm onwards and new competitors across both genders, regardless of ability, are absolutely welcome to attend.

With a dedicated staff of four full time coaches, we offer private one-on-one and group sessions as well as our regular organised team practice. If you want some focussed advice or simply want to spend time improving your game under expert supervision, we can tailor a programme for you..

HAWK-EYE - The Worlds Leading Cricket Analysis Tool

In 2009, the Hong Kong Cricket Club invested in ‘Hawk-Eye’ for the very first time. Due to a regular rotation of the Coaching Staff and with a relative lack of knowledge surrounding Hawk-Eye, it had been massively underutilised.


Hawk-Eye is back with a vengeance and with the help of our highly trained Coaching staff; the Hong Kong Cricket Club hold all the tools necessary to provide you with the most in-depth feedback you are likely to come across in your career!

Book in for your session today!

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News / Events
Push Sharma’s Cricket Round Up

We are now officially on the final leg of the exciting 2014-15 cricket season and my first at HKCC.

Over the last few weeks, there have been several notable team and individual performances across the Premiership League and Saturday teams. With the Sunday League over, our Premier League players have been able to focus exclusively on the 1-day League and it has shown in our dominant performances. Our Saturday teams have also continued to impress. Overall, it has been an exciting period for HKCC.

In the Premier League, HKCC defeated Independents by 147 runs. Scott McKechnie scored a blistering 142 (off 118 balls, with 15 fours and 7 sixes). He was ably supported by Stu Tohill who scored 51 (80 balls, with 7 fours). Tim Cutler took 3-36 (10 overs) and was the pick of the bowlers. The following week, HKCC defeated KCC by 3 wickets. Scott McKechnie scored 51 (43 balls, with 8 fours and 1 six), Tim Cutler took 4-22 (10 overs, with 2 maidens) and Simon Cook took 3-12 (10 overs, with 6 maidens). In their most recent match, HKCC all but sealed the Premier League 1-Day trophy when they demolished Independents in the return fixture by 6 wickets. Once again, Tim Cutler was among the wickets with 3-15 (10 overs), Simon Cook also dominated with 3-28 (10 overs) and Freddie Barber cleaned up the tail with 3-21 (6.4).

With two matches left to play, we are 10 points clear, undefeated at the top of the 1-day league and it looks like our third Premier League trophy is wrapped up. An amazing year for the boys - across all formats we have played 13 matches and won 12 of them. Congratulations to Courtney Kruger and his team.

In Saturday League Division 1, the Nomads defeated the Witherers by 62 runs in a Club derby and also won against Pakistan Association by 7 wickets. With these back to back wins Nomads retained the Saturday League Championship for 2015, with two games in hand. Clearly it is the Chinese Lunar Year of Andrew ‘Horse’ Norwood. Well done skipper and fellow Nomads!

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Visitors from China

The Hong Kong Cricket Club welcomed 12 Delegates from the China Cricket Association on Friday 10th April. The Delegates were from 5 different provinces in China, being cricket administration representat i ves f rom Fujian, Shandong, Zhejiang, Chongqing and Guangzhou Provinces.

The basis of the visit was to create a further understanding of the way in which cricket is taught in Hong Kong and also how the game is observed and participated on a global scale. The visit allowed Hong Kong Cricket Club (HKCC) and the Hong Kong Cricket Association (HKCA) a chance to work together in producing an itinerary that illustrated the benefits of playing the game and also in reconfirming how successful cricket is becoming in terms of the numbers playing the game worldwide, as well as the ability cricket has to bring together people in a team environment.

The Delegates were initially given a tour of the Hong Kong Cricket Club Visitors from China and they experienced firsthand what the Club has to offer in terms of the main ground and also the Cricketing Centre of Excellence. The Long Room played host to a 45 minute presentation led by HKCC’s Mark Wright, Samson Lam, Scott McKechnie and HKCA Director of Cricket Charlie Burke.

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HKCC Taverners v Hong Kong Dragons,
Saturday 4th April at HKCC (by Junior)

Easter Saturday and the Hong Kong Dragons took wing to the Gap to challenge St. George and the Taverners in the first such battle since the Dragon’s ancestor was slain back in the dark ages by St. George’s forebear. With damsels, children and groundsmen in distress cowering on all sides of the Gap’s hallowed turf, the Dragons came in to land - their fiery breath, a terrifying threat that only St. George could possibly extinguish. The assembled host in the stands shivered in nervous anticipation …

But where was St. George, aka Lamplough, the Taverners’ Champion? Nowhere to be seen! So after a hasty council meeting behind the picket fence, a second was chosen, the mighty Defender of the Gap, Kieran Hale. But he wasn’t there either, so in desperation they turned to the oldest man on the field, Junior, who would at least be expendable if burnt to a cinder in the first skirmish.

Out to the middle they strode, Ady Lee, the towering Champion Dragon, and the trembling Junior. In hushed silence, a silver coin was thrown high in the air; was this to be the Taverners final fling? By some miracle (or was it a guardian angel’s kiss?) the coin landed flower-up, and Junior had won the toss. The Taverners would bat, and boldly face the Dragons’ fiery attack full-on.

Congratulations, Chris Pickett and your fiery squad! Hong Kong Dragons, you have an amazing future ahead of you, and it was a privilege to fight against you. I have a feeling you will be back for revenge ‘ere too long! Men of the Match, for the Dragons – Pat Chu (70), for the Taverners – Dhruv Sodhi (3 for 38 and a run-out)

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