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Sean Robson
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The Hong Kong Cricket Club sets a high bar when it comes to the development of cricket in Hong Kong. An internationally acclaimed Club, the Hong Kong Cricket Club provides a structure under which all players, regardless of age or ability, can thrive.

The ground is set against a backdrop of the picturesque Hong Kong skyline and the immaculate outfield, combined with our square of top class turf pitches, offers quite a remarkable playing experience. In addition, players have the opportunity to benefit from one of Asia’s leading indoor facilities, ensuring each and every player has the opportunity to bring their game to new heights.

A large and well-structured junior programme is pivotal to the success of any club and it is in this area, perhaps more so than in any other, where the Hong Kong Cricket Club really shines. Our “Gappers” junior programme exposes more than four hundred children under the age of 13 to the game each and every week, under the tutelage of dedicated coaches and parent helpers. In addition, the Club fields fifteen junior sides in competitive cricket with both boys and girls participating across five junior age brackets, ensuring that the balance between group development and competitive cricket is well and truly established.

In Men’s Senior Cricket, the Club is represented in the domestic leagues by six individual squads covering both Saturday and Sunday cricket, through an extensive playing season lasting from September to May. From these teams, we select our highest performing individuals to represent the Club in its Premier League XI; a squad that competes in all formats against Hong Kong’s strongest domestic competitors.

The Hong Kong Cricket Club has been the leader in the promotion of Ladies Cricket in Hong Kong and China. We field two Ladies teams who compete in both 35 over and T20 formats on a regular basis throughout the season.

Men’s Senior Squad Training takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:30pm onwards. Ladies squad training takes place every Friday evening from 6:30pm onwards and new competitors across both genders, regardless of ability, are absolutely welcome to attend.

With a dedicated staff of four full time coaches, we offer private one-on-one and group sessions as well as our regular organised team practice. If you want some focussed advice or simply want to spend time improving your game under expert supervision, we can tailor a programme for you.


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HKCC Cricket Awards Season 2015-2016

By Sean Robson, Captain of Cricket

I am delighted to take up the role of Captain of Cricket! It is a great honour for me to represent cricket for our wonderful Club. I must say a huge “thank you” to Paul Watkins, who, as my predecessor, has made it all look very easy - just as he always has on the field.

When we were touring Australia in February, the match at the SCG was yet another fantastic day enjoyed by the HKCC Tourists. There were many highlights - meeting and playing against former Test stars, Stuart Clarke and Stuart MacGill, the history of the Pavilion, a fabulous dinner with the SCG Trust XI team, the SCG in all its splendour and so on. One memory for me and all those too who were there, was Paul's fine innings of 88. As chief tour writer, Charles McInerney, wrote in The Pinkun that Watko displayed 'effortless elegance' in laying the foundation for an HKCC win. How proud were Watko's parents, as they watched their son's masterclass from the comfort and tranquility of the SCG pavilion. Paul, enjoy your time out of the spotlight and relax in the knowledge you have played a key role in helping cricket at HKCC develop to where it is today.

Unfortunately, the same plaudits cannot be spoken about me at any stage of my millennium bridging cricketing career. However, I am pleased to be the equal of the most recent Captains of Cricket in one aspect - nicknames! Michael Jamieson's "Jamo", Paul Watkins' "Watko" and continuing the tradition, it’s now "Robbo". I'm sorry Darren, you only managed an "S" - and Tucks it was!

If I do perhaps digress away from the onfield action, it is because the few short hot months between seasons are with us and there is no action to report. No centuries, no 5 fers, no stats or mugs to relate.

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Cricket Season 2015-2016 Awards Night, Saturday 21st May

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