The Chairman's Message

From The Chairman

I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable summer.

I would like to start by thanking Gavin Erasmus for his leadership and guidance of the General Committee in the role of Chairman. The previous Pinkun provided the details of his achievements, so I will not dwell on these here but, just to add that, from working with him on various committees, I have seen that he cares deeply about all aspects of the Club and that we were very fortunate to have had him in the role of Chairman.

There is some disappointing news for those Members who are excited by seeing concrete trucks and the welding of steel structures. The base building works associated with the extension project are now drawing to a close. We are targeting the reinstatement of the full size cricket pitch by the start of the season in September and the hoardings around the swimming pool are to be removed soon afterwards.

Once the construction works are complete, we are required to obtain a variety of statutory approvals. The inspections associated with the approvals are being scheduled to take place in September and only once these approvals have been successfully obtained will the internal fit-out works associated with the Long Room and Boundary Bar begin. Subject to the approvals being obtained in September, we aim to have the new outlets open in December.

The General Committee has been asked to look at how best to support the Members in celebrating the completion of the extension works. We have been discussing a number of ideas and we will be looking at making an announcement as the outlets near completion.

In October, the Marylebone Cricket Club will visit us as part of their tour of China. Hosting the MCC is always a very special occasion and we are anticipating some very competitive cricket. Our Patron, Mike Gatting, is scheduled to be managing the touring party and one of the players will be our former cricket coach, Steve Snell.

September sees a number of our core sporting sections start their seasons. The best of luck to all the Members participating in this year’s sporting calendar. From my experience, being involved in sport at the Club has significantly added to my enjoyment of being a Member. If you, or your children, are interested in playing or supporting a particular sporting section, please contact the relevant Convenor and he/she will be able to advise you on how to get involved.


James Callow