Played in air-conditioned courts from early morning to late at night, Squash is another popular sport played at the Club.

HKCC currently has Men's Teams and Ladies' Teams in Winter League. Club tournaments include Cup and Plate competitions, a very convivial Summer League and annual battles against the Hong Kong Football Club, LRC, Kowloon CC and more.

We aim to create a thriving Junior section. Junior Programmes are run daily by a Professional Coach. Club Tournaments for Juniors are also organized every season.

As a HKCC member you are welcome to join one of our teams or play a social game at your leisure. Interested parties, please contact our Squash Convenor - David Hewitt at 6397 2412 or email davidahewitt@gmail.com.

News / Events
Wing Ding Charity Tournament

By Brian Dixon

Thank you to all from HKCC who attended and supported the Annual Wing Ding Tournament in aid of Operation Santa Claus on the 2nd December at HKFC and thanks to Ellie and Chad for organising the players. Despite their high levels of fitness, some of the players more than likely felt the effects of 30 minutes continuous squash whilst dressed as Christmas trees for some time after. No doubt the effects of the fundraising for this year will be felt for longer by those that benefit.

It was not hard to be filled with the spirit of Christmas watching our friends wrapped in wires, spilling batteries and decorations all over the place whilst wrestling to keep their clothes in place. An innocent looking Kirstie was savvy enough to exploit an opportunity afforded by her costume. As one of her opponents helped to clear her dropped baubles from the court she continued to serve racking up the free points.

The other teams fielded some tough competitors (Iron Man, Spiderman, Snowman, Barbie Man) and our court allocations also provided an extra challenge. For the entire second half of each group our players had to sprint between courts in opposite corners of the Club. Without a gap between the games and as players can continue to serve without an opponent, the valiant HKCC players were forced to drain their energy reserves getting to the games as well as during the rallies.

For more News on Club Squash, click on "The Pinkun"

Squash News

The latest Squash news, plesae click on http://hkccsquash.com.

For more News on Club Squash, click on "The Pinkun"


Squash Conveners 2017/18

Conveners Div'n
Hugh Dyus 4
Brock Williams 6
John Li 8
Arthur Koeman 10
Tang Pak Hung 12
Trevor Hughes 16
Andrew Ho 17a
Rajeev Chib 19
Hugh Dyus M1
Frank Achouch M2
Rich Collis M3
Simon Davies M4
Andrew Ho 2a
Emma Pike 2b
Anna Chapman 3a


Committee Members
Convenor - David Hewitt
Mens' captain - Brian Lau
Ladies' captain - Emma Pike
Tours and inter-club - Simon Davies / Andy Burden
Ladder and club championship - Francois Dubois
Socials - Ellie Sackett
Communications - Erol Elson
Coaching - Chad Sunde
Juniors - Andrew Ho
HKCC - Anthony So


Statistics / Results

For statistics, contact Hong Kong Squash Association at http://www.hksquash.org.hk/

Special Notice

Squash players, please be reminded that only Squash Shoes, Indoor Court Shoes with White, Clear or Neutral (Non-marking) soles, ARE allowed in the Squash Complex.

Shoes that have coloured soles of ANY description, (other than above) ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Offenders WILL be charged for the cost of any damage caused. CCTV has been installed in the Squash Complex.

Please remind ALL of your family members and your guests!


Key Contacts

Squash Convenor
David Hewitt
Tel: 6397 2412

Ladies' Captain
Emma Pike
Tel: 9301 7445

Men's Captain
Brian Lau
Tel: 91038772