Gappers Convenor
Mr. Madhav Shankar

Mobile : 92221241

The Gappers junior development programme is held at HKCC and is available to both members and non-members of the club. The programme is overseen by the Head Coach and several well-credentialled professional coaches and a large team of parent assistants help to implement it and make it an enjoyable learning experience. More than 350 boys and girls face off in four age-group sessions each Saturday morning between September to March last season. Special cricket camps are also run for promising youngsters. Juniors from as young as 4 are taught how to hold a bat and throw a ball, while fast-growing league competitions at U-11, U-13, U-15 and more recently, U-17 level, help to ensure the development of cricketers through to the adult competitions. Youngsters up to the age of 14 are eligible for Junior Gappers. For older children, mid-week coaching is available on an invitation basis.


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With over 400 children enrolled into the Gappers’ programme this year, we came to an end of a fantastic 20-week season for Junior cricket at HKCC Gappers. On behalf of Ryan “Buckers” Buckley, who has done a remarkable job as Gappers Co-ordinator to run this world class, professional and highly structured coaching programme, I would like to congratulate all the children (and parents) for their commitment to learning cricket skills in all respects.

Without a sponsor for the first time in recent history, we had to collectively figure out quite a few things ourselves. Unexpectedly, we had a few teething issues with the clothing order (exaggerated by the super typhoons!) causing kit delays to start with – soon fixed with all the children out of the park in brand new kit by late September. Thank you parents for your patience and for bearing with us early in the season – I can assure you that we are making improvements and Ryan and I have already started the planning for next season.

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2017/18 Season Wrap Up

By Convenor, Madhav Shankar

Looking back only a few months, I must say a huge thank you to Captain of Cricket, Sean “Robbo” Robson, who got hold of me at the Sportsman’s on a fine Sunday afternoon, to offer me this wonderful opportunity – a real honour. I was nervously delighted to take on the role of Gappers Convenor from my predecessor, Gary Wines, who has provided me with thoughtful guidance throughout this season but I have to say, he never really warned me on what I was going to walk into! Gary – yours were indeed tough boots to fill, as I was reminded by my alarm at 6am sharp on Saturday mornings! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mark Wright, Scott McKechnie, Simon Cook and others at HKCC who have made unforgettable contributions to Gappers in previous years, that we have been able to build on to further enhance this programme.

Coaching is the backbone that defines the success of this programme. I am truly grateful to Head Cricket Coach, Craig “Wrighty” Wright, who has given us valuable inputs that have enabled us to make significant improvements in the training structure. I appreciate all the efforts from Ryan Buckley, Cri-Zelda “Criz” Brits, Nizakat “Kats” Khan, Adeel “Shaffers” Shafique and Adil “Lala” Mehmood who never flinch at the opportunity to give back their cricketing experience to this community.

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