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Founded in 1851, The Hong Kong Cricket Club is one of the oldest Sports and Family Club in Hong Kong and Asia. Situated in a green environment at Wongnaichung Gap in the middle of Hong Kong Island, the Club maintains seven representative sports- Cricket, Hockey, Lawn Bowls, Netball, Squash and Tennis - as well as providing facilities for various activities for adults and children.

We have approximately 2500 Active Members from a high income range including professionals and management executives. There are 10 issues of this popular magazine each year, (doubling for the months of January/February & July/August).

The HKCC Pinkun "hard copy" will no longer be routinely delivered to our Membership. An "e" copy will be sent to all Members. Hard Copies will be available around the Club - Reception, F&B Outlets, Sports Desk and DotCod - for free collection. Should Members wish to opt-in for a printed copy mailed to an office or home address there will be a fee of HK$20 to cover postage and administration. Please click here to "Opt-In".

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Free Distribution to:

  • All Hong Kong Cricket Club Members
  • DotCod Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar in Prince's Building, Central
  • Reciprocal Clubs - Local and Overseas
  • HKCC Website -

Wide coverage is given to forthcoming Club events, F&B Promotions in our Club outlets and at DotCod Seafood Restaurant and Oyster Bar. The Pinkun includes comprehensive Club sports sections' news and informative articles of general interest.

Total monthly hard copy circulation and readership is about 2500.

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