Children's Playroom

The Children's Playroom, equipped with a stimulating, colourful, safe and educational children's playing system, provides challenging fun for youngsters up to 8 years old.

Opening Hours

Daily 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.

There are some areas that Members are required to pay attention to in order to ensure the safety of their children who play in this room.

Children's Playroom Rules

Parents/Adults Guest must supervise children AT ALL TIMES when using this play facility. NO more than 24 children may use the room at any one time. 

Neither the Club nor any Member of the General Committee, the Manager or Club Staff shall be liable for any accidental injury, loss or damage to users of this room. Users of this room may be required to meet the cost of making good any damage to the equipment or Club property, whether wilful or accidental, caused by themselves, their families, or guests introduced by them. (Refer to HKCC By-Law 18, 20 & 45.)