Cricket Centre for Excellence

The "Cricket Centre for Excellence" encompasses three "cricket nets" and a centre wicket for the playing of indoor cricket matches. The capability of the "Cricket Centre for Excellence" is further enhanced by the installation of "state-of-the-art" Hawk-Eye technology as an additional coaching and training tool and is only the fourth such installation currently being deployed in the cricketing world. Video cameras have been set up in each of the three nets to assist with the coaching of all aspects of the game. Three Bowling machines and other equipment are provided at no additional cost. There is also a Viewing Gallery over the "Cricket Centre for Excellence" for other practical, fitness and social/recreational uses.

Opening Hours

Daily 8:30 A.M. to 10:30 P.M.

Dress Code

Cricket Centre

  • Officially approved HKCC team training apparel or as otherwise deemed appropriate by the Captain of Cricket or Club Management.
  • The Club will keep a small stock of shirts to lend to Members in case of an emergency.
  • NO cricket spikes of any kind will be permitted.
  • Sports Shoes must be worn with non-marking soles at all times.
  • All junior players under 15 years of age must use a Bowling Machine with a Member, Spouse of a Member present, or under the guidance of an HKCC Coach.


HKCC currently runs three teams in both Saturday and Sunday domestic League Competitions. Additionally, the Club provides teams in all Junior League competitions (under 13 – Under 19) and two Women’s League teams.

Our structured Cricket coaching programmes and teaching methods are fun and suited to the ability and capacity of the group.

Please contact our Senior Cricket Coach - Ryan Buckley - for team practices, Junior Gappers coaching programme or private cricket coaching session.