What You Always Wanted to Know About The Hong Kong Cricket Club!

How Can I Become a Member?

With the approval of the Committee, Perpetuity Corporate Nominee Memberships may be purchased at a price of HK$1,888,000 each. An application form for Perpetuity Corporate Nominee Membership can be obtained from the Club's Membership Secretary.

The Holder of a Perpetuity Corporate Nominee Membership shall have the right in perpetuity to nominate one member of staff at a time to use the facilities of the Club.

The Nominee of a Perpetuity Corporate Nominee Membership, if approved by the Committee, shall be known as a Corporate Nominee Member and may use the facilities of the Club without payment of an entrance fee and without the necessity of joining the Club's 'Waiting List'.

Monthly subscriptions will be payable by the Nominee. The current subscription is HK$1,700 per month.

The holder of a Perpetuity Corporate Nominee Membership may transfer its holding only with the approval of the Committee and upon payment to the Club of a transfer fee of 20% of the latest fee for purchase of a Perpetuity Corporate Nominee Membership.

SUBSCRIBER MEMBERSHIP - The Candidate should be acquainted with two Ordinary (Full-voting) Members of the Club who shall act as a Proposer and Seconder. A Reference Form should be obtained from the Proposer in the first instance. The waiting time is approximately 60 months. The Entrance Fee for Subscriber Membership is HK$288,000 with a monthly subscription of HK$1,700 per month

Can I Accelerate Membership?

- In some instances -
premier sports players who are able to gain a place in one of our main sports teams (cricket, hockey, lawn bowls, netball, squash or tennis) may obtain accelerated Sporting Membership/or Junior Sporting Membership on the recommendation of the appropriate Sports Convenor concerned.

Where is the Hong Kong Cricket Club?

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At 137 Wong Nai Chung Gap Road, Hong Kong
Right in the middle of Hong Kong Island at Wong Nai Chung Gap, about four miles from Central District


Nos. 6, 61, 66 - Central/Repulse Bay/Stanley Route
No. 63 - North Point/Causeway Bay/Stanley Route
No. 41A - North Point/Wah Fu
No. 76 - Causeway Bay/Aberdeen


No. 5 - Aberdeen/Causeway Bay
No. 6 - Star Ferry/Ocean Park
No. 36 - Aplichau/Wanchai


Just ask for Hong Kong Cricket Club or "Muk Kau Wui - Wong Nai Chung Hap Do"