HKCC Golf Demo Clubs Application Form

The HKCC Golf society has access to a range of Callaway Demo Clubs. These are for use both in the Club simulator and, if requested, out on a Golf Course.

In order to apply for usage of a Callaway Demo Clubs for inside & outside of the Club simulator, please complete the form below. Please note, applicants will only be allowed TWO golf clubs at any time for a 7-day period. All Clubs are at a first come first serve basis.

The Clubs are available to collect at the Club Shop ONLY in their operation hours. Any returns may be given to the Sports Desk.

We hope you enjoy this access to the latest range of Callaway equipment to use and play with.

Club Management

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Personal Details

Item Details

I understand that the Club is for my usage only. The Club is my full responsibility and I will reimburse fully the cost of repairing or replacing the Club if damaged or lost.

I further understand that management will “track” time of usage in order to prevent over-use, and that Sports Desk & the Sports Shop will be required to submit a ‘Name List’ of applicants to Management who do not return within the deadline with a fine of $50/day for every day overused.