Kingsley Kelly
Golf Co-ordinator
Office: 3511-8665

The Golf centre gives members the opportunity to practice their skills, whatever their level. 

Two golf simulators that have access to 24 golf courses and many practice options. In particular, ball speed, club speed, launch angle, club face angle, club path and  shot tracker to determine the ball flight. These are all useful to help golfers improve their game and have been a strong foundation for our ever growing, active Golf Society. 


Golf Simulator - Opening Hour

Daily 9:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.


Golf Information

Junior Golf Clinic

Junior Golf Clinics is available throughout the year, please refer to the Golf Notice Boards for the latest clinics; or contact Kingsley or the Sports Desk for more information.

Induction Course

Member should complete the Induction Course for the Golf Simulator before using the facility. Induction Course could be booked the Sports & Recreation Department (3511 8698 / / through the Sports Desk).

Golf Outing Requirements

Golf Outings are held every month throughout the calendar year as well as Golf Tours. It is necessary to have a handicap but if you do not and wish to obtain one, please put your name down for a golf outing and all scores will be kept to be sent in to the Golf Association for handicapping.

Golf Society

To be a part of the Golf Society, please contact Kingsley Kelly at with your name, gender and membership number to be up to date with all the events throughout the year. Enrollment is free!

Callaway Golf Demos

The HKCC Golf society has access to a range of the latest Calloway Demo Clubs. These are for use both in the Club simulator and, through the online form, out on a Golf Course.


News / Events
Provisional Calendar for 2018
Friday 23 November KSC NORTH/SOUTH (Club Champs)

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