The history of lawn bowls, in some form or other, reaches well back into antiquity in various parts of the world, though its actual origin is still a matter of conjecture. In the excavation of a grave of a young Egyptian, various rounded object were found which has led people to believe that these items were used to play a game whereby they were rolled along the ground in a game similar to what we now call Lawn Bowls.

It has also been established that over seven thousand years ago, this game spread to Greece and Rome. Stone Age excavations in other parts of the world have also confirmed that some sort of game was played with rounded rocks which were rolled or bowled to a peg or other marker - these include the ancient Aztecs, North American Indians, Chinese and Polynesians.

The Romans played "Bocci", and that world is still used in Italy today. We can doubtless thank them for introducing the game to England.