The Manager's Notes

General Manager's Notes

Summer has eventually arrived! Thank you all for your patronage and support for the Annual Garden Party. Early heavy rain and gale-force wind gave way to a beautiful sunny and dry afternoon allowing the Club to throw open its gates and welcome over 1,200 hungry and thirsty members and guests. A further thanks to all who have taken the time to write in with your compliments to the staff.

Private Recreational Lease Working Group (PRLWG)

As you are aware, the Government (HAB) has announced policy recommendations regarding the operation of clubs under Private Recreational Leases and has put forward several recommendations for public consultation.

A Members’ “contact session” was recently held to allow Members the opportunity to express their concerns and suggestions to the PRLWG. Thank you to all who attended and contributed to the evening; the PRLWG will consider all your suggestions when formulating its response to the Government.

Further details on the Club’s recommended response will be emailed to our membership directly.

Snake Attack

A member of staff was recently bitten by a snake whilst working on the hedge surrounding the ground. Please be reminded that our Club is in a semi-rural environment and can attract snakes. Please exercise care and advise your family members accordingly.

Should anybody come across a snake, report to a member of staff immediately.

Use of Towels

To reduce the volume of water, energy consumption and detergents required daily in the laundry, keep your usage of Club towels to a minimum.

Please also be reminded that towels are to be used for drying and not to be used as ground sheets.

Forthcoming Sporting events

On 10th June, the Club will hold its inaugural Family Sports Carnival, a junior sports day, offering ‘track and field’ style events for different age groups. Events will include sprinting, (soft) javelin, family relay, and others.

Our tennis grass-court season is now up and running until 19th August. Members are welcome to book online or via Sports Desk.

On 15th June, a Barefoot Lawn Bowls evening is available to Members and guests.

For those of you with arguments to settle and require the opportunity to vent rancour, Croquet will also be made available on the Ground from 24th June until 19th August. An ‘Introduction to Croquet’ will be presented on 23rd June, 28th July and 25th August between 2.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m.

LIVE Broadcasting of FIFA World Cup 2018 around the Club - in Chater Tavern, Boundary Bar and Sportsman’s Bar! Please refer to the Insert Page for listing of all matches; or simply ring our Sports Desk on 3511 8698 for updated broadcasting schedule.

Kids’ summer programmes start from 25th June including LEGO Workshop, Sports Fun / Tennis / Football / Explorer Camps. Booking forms are available at Club Reception or online at our website

Social Events

Please be reminded that the Club will hold a Quiz Night on 12th June. For the team that turned up a day early for the previous Quiz Night, please note the Club is using the Gregorian calendar as opposed to the Pentecontad calendar. There may be a question on this!

F & B

As a follow-up to the hugely successful Rosé and Curry evening, on 15th June, the Boundary Bar will be hosting Southern Fried Chicken with Draft Beers. Furthermore, wine tastings on the second Friday of each month will also be held in the Boundary Bar.

Two Wine Dinners in June, namely, Tasca d’Almerita Wine Dinner on 8th at DotCod and Yarra Yering Wine Dinner on the 19th. These evenings are very well subscribed, so book early.

General Committee

Further to the General Committee meeting held on 28th May 2018, I would like to extend my thanks to the retiring General Committee Members including Ms. Debbie See, Ms. Jo Purcell, Mr. Andrew Gerrard and Mr. David Hewitt. Your selfless contribution to the Club over the years is very much appreciated.

As well as welcoming back returning General Committee Members, it is my pleasure to announce new faces to the 2018/2019 General Committee including Mrs. Tia Poole, Ms. Penny Hubbard-Brown, Ms. Olivia Meo-Groser, Mr. Philip Lung and Mr. Frank Achouch. I very much look forward to working with you all.


Kieran Hale
General Manager