2018-2019 Netball Section End of Season Survey

Thank you for a brilliant 2018/2019 Netball Season!

The Netball Section Committee would greatly appreciate if you could spend 5 minutes completing this end of season survey to assist us with our planning for next season.

Please note that all responses will be confidential and if you have any specific feedback you would like to share, please contact our Convener, Kate McNicoll (kate.vxs@googlemail.com).



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Overall Questions

Social Events

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2018/2019 Season Award Nominations
This award goes to one person in your team who you feel has played their heart out at every training and game and shown to uphold the spirit of the HKCC Netball Section throughout the season.
This award is a fun one to celebrate the person in your team who has brought the most socially to your team throughout the season.
This award is to acknowledge outstanding individuals who have shown dedication, commitment and made a significant contribution for the Club throughout the season.