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The Hong Kong Cricket Club 2018 AGM Results
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The Hong Kong Cricket Club (the “Club”) would like to thank all the Members who attended our Annual General Meeting (the “AGM”) which took place at the Club House last evening (28 May 2018).

The AGM provided an opportunity for the Club to present the past year’s financial performance, accomplishments both on and off the field and to elect a committee to take the Club forward into 2018/2019. 

There was one Special Business, four Ordinary Business, one Ordinary Resolution and one Special Resolution voted upon.  The Club is pleased to declare that all Resolutions were successfully passed.

Our new General Committee for the forthcoming year will be as follows:

Chairman – Mr. James Callow

Members of General Committee:
Mr. F. C. S. Achouch
Mr. S. M. Y. Chan
Mr. M. S. Deayton
Mrs. P. Hubbard-Brown
Mr. G. D. Lamplough
Mr. M. Y. Lee
Mr. P. E. Lung
Mrs. O. M. Meo-Groser
Mrs. E. M. Y. Poole
Mr. B. C. W. Poon
Mr. S. P. Robson
Mr. T. K. Tully

We would like to congratulate the new Members of the General Committee on their election and, especially, to thank those who are leaving, for their hard work, time and effort.

Ordinary Resolution passed on 28 May 2018
Special Resolution passed on 28 May 2018