Club Announcements

DVD Club Library Closure
Club Announcements

Dear Members,

As you may be aware, that there will be an upgrading of the facilities on the first floor of the Annexe building with the project due to commence in early July. As part of the preparation for the project and as a consequence of a planned increase in the size of the gymnasium and additional children facilities, the DVD Club Library will permanently close down from Monday 17 June. DVDs sale will be available (details as below).

  • Library Members will not be charged for the monthly fee for June 2019.
  • All DVD rentals will be required to be returned on Saturday 15 June 2019, regardless of the date of renting out. As a result, any item rent out on or after Saturday 8 June (for 7 days item) and on or after Wednesday 12 June (for 3 days items), will need to be returned on Saturday 15 June, so that all DVDs would be available for the sale.
  • Any DVD that is not returned by Saturday 15 June, Library Member will automatically be charged with late fine at $100 per rented item.

DVD Sale from Sunday 16 June

  • All DVDs will be sold at $10 per disc (i.e. a TV series consists of 5 discs, then it is $50 for such series).
  • Special bonus: buy 5 discs, get one disc free.
  • Sale is on first-come-first-served basis. No return or refund after purchased. Please
  • check on the item content and condition.
  • All sale of DVD will be debited through Member’s Account.

DVD Library Opening Hour for DVD Sale

Priority Dates for Existing Video Library Members Only
Sunday 16 June 12:00-18:00
Monday 17 June 17:00-19:00
Tuesday 18 June 17:00-19:00
Wednesday 19 June 17:00-19:00
Thursday 20 June 17:00-19:00
Friday 21 June 17:00-19:00


DVD Sale opens for all HKCC Members
Saturday 22 June 12:00-18:00
Sunday 23 June 17:00-19:00
Monday 24 June 17:00-19:00
Tuesday 25 June 17:00-19:00
Wednesday 26 June 17:00-19:00
Thursday 27 June 17:00-19:00
Friday 28 June 17:00-19:00
Saturday 29 June 12:00-18:00