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Dear Members,

As you are aware, the Home Affairs Bureau has released a paper to the Legislative Council on its review of Private Recreational Leases (PRLs). HKCC operates under a PRL which is due for renewal in 2023.

The Government has announced the launch of a six-month consultation to solicit views from the public and stakeholders on the recommendations of the review of the PRL policy.

The review proposes modifications on the current PRL arrangements and lease conditions to better meet the objectives of supporting sports development and optimising land use as well as respond to the community's concerns on PRL sites in recent years.

The General Committee has established a Working Group to study the proposals in detail and make a submission to the Government at the end of the Public Consultation exercise on 19th September 2018.

The Working Group also held a Members contact session at the Club on 17th May 2018 in which Members were encouraged to present thoughts and suggestions on this issue. Thank you to those who attended and for the candid and constructive discussion.

The Working Group will consider all suggestions when makings its reply on behalf of the Club.

The Club strongly encourages you to make your views known. You can write directly to the Club using the dedicated email address

Alternatively, you can write directly to the Government at

For information on the Home Affair review, please find below the following links.

  1. Private Recreational Leases
  2. Summary as presented at a Stakeholders briefing (Private Sports Clubs) on 22nd March 2018

We also encourage members to provide your views on the Task Force on Land Supply public consultation online at: The results will also affect the decision on future planning on sites under PRLs.

If you require any assistance or further information, please contact the Club directly.

Kind regards,

Kieran Hale
HKCC General Manager