HKCC President

Message from the President

Once again, I must start my report with an apology to the Membership for the continued disruption caused by the delay in completion of the extension and renovation works to the main clubhouse. It has been thirty two months since the work started and Members’ forbearance during this period has been considerable. However, I am happy to report that the work is now substantially complete, the statutory approvals have been received and the new facilities will open in sequence during April 2018. Change is not always welcome in a Club but I am confident that Members will agree that the new space and layout is a signal and exciting improvement and positions the Hong Kong Cricket Club at the very front rank of sports clubs in Hong Kong. Once again, thank you for your continued patience and patronage during this time.

Financially, the Club remains in good health. Inevitably there has been some loss of revenue due to the loss of F&B capacity during the building works but this will quickly return as the facilities re-open. Capital spend on the renovation project has been well controlled. The waiting list to join the Club is considerable.

I am sure you are aware that the Hong Kong Government has recently announced its intention to review and amend the terms of all Private Recreational Leases across the HKSAR with effect from 2027. This includes the Hong Kong Cricket Club. There will be a six month consultation period prior to any final policy decision. I do not believe that this in any way represents an existential threat to the Club but it will likely mean a change in our fee structures and, quite possibly, the way we operate, going forward. We will of course be carefully marshalling arguments during the next six months and the views of the membership will be sought during this time.

My thanks as always go to the Chairman, the General Committee, Management, Staff and all volunteers for their service and efforts on behalf of the Membership.


Christopher D. Pratt, CBE