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Wireless Broadband Internet Access Registration Form

The HKCC is pleased to announce that Wireless Hotspots have been installed in the Spinners, Willow Room, Long Room, Chater Tavern, Pool Café, Sportsman’s Bar, Sports Annexe Bar, Function Suites, Gap Pavilion, Cricket Centre for Excellence and Squash Courts. Members can now conveniently connect their laptops / Smartphone / Tablets to the Internet. This service is free of charges; however, one time registration is required. Interested member are requested to complete the Registration Form.

Please allow a minimum of 24 hours lead time before the Wireless Broadband Internet Access is arranged (refer to normal working hours of IT Department).

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By submitting this form I am verifying that I have read and understood: - Wireless Hotspots on use of wireless on Club networks. - That it is my responsibility to ensure traffic through HKCC AP is secure and not compromised. - That any security breaches via HKCC AP and results thereof are my responsibility. - That wireless networking is not secure even with MAC address filtering.